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pan frying flank steak

August 19, 2007

so this week i tried out a recipe i got through one of those nifty email recipe swaps. the kind that is sort of like a chain letter where you forward a recipe on and then get a bunch more back. my husband loves steak (shocking, i know) and so do i. this seemed like a pretty easy dinner paired up with some baked potatos, steamed broccoli w/lemon butter and rolls. First of, here’s the recipe with the comments from the sender:

“This is a super easy marinade that I always use for flank steak. It’s modified from an Alton Brown recipe.

4 T. soy sauce

4 T. Worcestershire sauce

2 T. red wine vinegar

2 cloves garlic, crushed

1 T. Dijon mustard

1 T. olive oil

a little bit of sugar

Marinade flank steak for several hours or overnight. Then grill or panfry (yes, panfry) to desired doneness. ”

it turned out ok. my husband enjoyed it reasonably well but i was a little disappointed. i found that it was tough to find a formula for pan frying a flank steak online as it is usually a cut of meat that is not pan fried due to it’s toughness. it actually wasn’t tough, it was pretty tender. i just had a hard time getting it to medium well on the inside without burning the outside. i am sure slow cooking is the key here, but all the pan fry instructions seem to call for a quick cook with oil in a medium hot pan. the marinade tasted pretty good although it wasn’t really my all time favorite. all in all i have to say i think this would have tasted really good on the grill outside instead.

if anyone has tips for pan frying or has tried this before please share!