produce department

what is with the produce departments of today? on sunday i bought a watermelon, blackberries and strawberries to make a fruit salad. when i started cutting up fruit on monday i was horrified. the blackberries were moldy and no when i bought them they were not that way. the watermelon was atrocious. it was definitely not red inside, more like an orangey pink. yuck. my husband said it looked frost bitten. he was right. so we had to throw out the watermelon and i am thinking of returning the blackberries. the sad thing is i do shop at one of the nicest grocery stores in town because they offer great gas discount incentives.

so i have a couple of questions…..

a) how do you pick out a good watermelon?

b) has anyone else noticed a decline in supermarket produce quality. i just think it’s sad. i would love to find a good farmer’s market. too bad we aren’t down south, we could buy amazing fresh fruit from a roadside stand.


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