some days i wish it was 1953

don’t get me wrong…………it’s not like i’m not thankful for the women’s lib movement and the freedoms i enjoy today. i am just saying is it really that weird to want to be a house wife and to think that would be much more preferable to the rat race? when i sit down to make a list of things i would find in my ideal job, being a housewife has it all. cooking, decorating, cleaning, organizing, scheduling, planning, researching and even …….romance.

at the end of another day in this corporate rat race i am worn out. how do single mom’s do it? how in the world are the working moms of the world making it? i have no answer except sheer strength. i admire these women so much. i am not sure how you could have any energy left after the days in this gray cubicle world. my brain is full of ideas, recipes i want to try, plans for organizing, ways to go out in the community and volunteer and help others, projects to tackles, subjects to write about. i plan to start where i am at. to take all this creativity that is bottled up inside me and let it out for the benefit of my husband and the community arond me. to try to come up with ways to show love through the art of making a home. the hours outside 9-5 just seem so short, so fleeting, so precious.

june clever had it made.


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