who am i?

i am a 33 year old newlywed wife born in the south but living in a midwest capital city. i want to be a house wife. i dropped out of college to pursue my dreams in the entertainment business and after many years of working with bands and record labels i got pretty burned out on it all. when i was a little girl i used to daydream about recipes and how i would decorate my home someday and be a homemaker. i have had a full life as a career minded girl. i recently got married to my best friend and the love of my life. we have a cute little apartment downtown and everything is pretty amazing..we are blessed. these days i spend my days working as an office temp while trying to find a permanent job. the only trouble is the job i really want isn’t taking applications.

i want to be a home maker full time.

no, we don’t have any children yet. someday we want to have them and when we do i want to be a stay at home mom. financially, i don’t see how that will be possible. you see we aren’t poor but we sure aren’t able to pay rent and a car payment and get by on just one paycheck.

so here i am looking for a corporate sponsor.

yep. that’s right. i said it. i want to sell out to the man so i can stay at home and cook, clean, keep house and write all about it.

what does the sponsor get out of it? that all depends…..what kind of company are you? if you have cleaning products i’ll use and review them. if you make food ….i’ll cook it and write about that. got another idea?….let’s talk.

email me at corporatesponsoredhousewife at gmail dot com


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