packing, folding, hopefully sleeping!

September 20, 2007

we are going away for the weekend and i have soooo much to do! i have to fold the laundry and pack the clothes. i have to get it all done before i go to bed so that we can leave the minute we get off work tomorrow. *sigh* i’m tired.


rice pilaf…better than i expected!

September 14, 2007

last night we had a pretty quick dinner that turned out alot better than i expected it too.  i tried the rice-a-roni brand rice pilaf after buying a box on a whim. my husband liked it alot and said “make that again!” and that’s the best review i can give! it was pretty easy to make and really tasty. the cooking time is a little more involved than a typical instant rice type mix because you saute the rice and pasta in butter, then allow it to cook for 17-22 minutes to cook the rice but the results are worth it.

tuna casserole

August 30, 2007

i love casseroles. they are easy to make and and the good ones are delicious. please keep in mind that i DETEST tuna casserole. does anyone really like it? yuck. when i lived down south and thought of the midwest i thought of station wagons and tuna casseroles. my husband does not like casseroles at all. he does like my pizza casserole because it’s more of a pasta bake. i never knew how many of things i love to cook are casseroles until i married a non-casserole man. 🙂

produce department

August 29, 2007

what is with the produce departments of today? on sunday i bought a watermelon, blackberries and strawberries to make a fruit salad. when i started cutting up fruit on monday i was horrified. the blackberries were moldy and no when i bought them they were not that way. the watermelon was atrocious. it was definitely not red inside, more like an orangey pink. yuck. my husband said it looked frost bitten. he was right. so we had to throw out the watermelon and i am thinking of returning the blackberries. the sad thing is i do shop at one of the nicest grocery stores in town because they offer great gas discount incentives.

so i have a couple of questions…..

a) how do you pick out a good watermelon?

b) has anyone else noticed a decline in supermarket produce quality. i just think it’s sad. i would love to find a good farmer’s market. too bad we aren’t down south, we could buy amazing fresh fruit from a roadside stand.

general mills

August 28, 2007

i got an email back from general mills. it’s official they do not want to be my sponsor. 🙂 oh well, their loss.

my sweet husband’s recipe for homemade nachos

August 27, 2007

for some reason i love to clean on saturday mornings. i like to just get up and get the house all clean so we can relax and enjoy it the rest of the weekend. i am VERY fortunate to have a husband that helps me. we are starting to have these little patterns. i hate sweeping and mopping so he does that. he helps with straightening up and basically whatever i ask him to help with and does the laundry with me.  yesterday i wasn’t feeling well because of allergies and he made us dinner. it was his famous home made nachos. the chips are so good that you can eat them by themselves! however, we did use salsa and sour cream. if you want to try them here’s the recipe:

cs husband’s famous nachos

corn tortilla’s


fresh ground sea salt

cut the tortillas in triangles. heat oil over med low heat in a non stick pan (we use our wok!) until it sizzle when you add a drop of water. place enough tortilla triangles to cover surface. fry for about 2-3 minutes, turning over.

place on paper towels to absorb any extra oil and season with salt to taste.

if you want to go a step further, lay the tortilla chips out on a cookie sheet covered with foil and sprinkle with the shredded cheese of your choice (we use the taco seasoned mexican blend) and bake at 375 for about 3 minutes.

 serve with salsa, sour cream, guacamole or whatever you like best! once you taste how good these are you won’t want to go back to bagged chips ever again!

pan frying flank steak

August 19, 2007

so this week i tried out a recipe i got through one of those nifty email recipe swaps. the kind that is sort of like a chain letter where you forward a recipe on and then get a bunch more back. my husband loves steak (shocking, i know) and so do i. this seemed like a pretty easy dinner paired up with some baked potatos, steamed broccoli w/lemon butter and rolls. First of, here’s the recipe with the comments from the sender:

“This is a super easy marinade that I always use for flank steak. It’s modified from an Alton Brown recipe.

4 T. soy sauce

4 T. Worcestershire sauce

2 T. red wine vinegar

2 cloves garlic, crushed

1 T. Dijon mustard

1 T. olive oil

a little bit of sugar

Marinade flank steak for several hours or overnight. Then grill or panfry (yes, panfry) to desired doneness. ”

it turned out ok. my husband enjoyed it reasonably well but i was a little disappointed. i found that it was tough to find a formula for pan frying a flank steak online as it is usually a cut of meat that is not pan fried due to it’s toughness. it actually wasn’t tough, it was pretty tender. i just had a hard time getting it to medium well on the inside without burning the outside. i am sure slow cooking is the key here, but all the pan fry instructions seem to call for a quick cook with oil in a medium hot pan. the marinade tasted pretty good although it wasn’t really my all time favorite. all in all i have to say i think this would have tasted really good on the grill outside instead.

if anyone has tips for pan frying or has tried this before please share!

some days i wish it was 1953

August 14, 2007

don’t get me wrong…………it’s not like i’m not thankful for the women’s lib movement and the freedoms i enjoy today. i am just saying is it really that weird to want to be a house wife and to think that would be much more preferable to the rat race? when i sit down to make a list of things i would find in my ideal job, being a housewife has it all. cooking, decorating, cleaning, organizing, scheduling, planning, researching and even …….romance.

at the end of another day in this corporate rat race i am worn out. how do single mom’s do it? how in the world are the working moms of the world making it? i have no answer except sheer strength. i admire these women so much. i am not sure how you could have any energy left after the days in this gray cubicle world. my brain is full of ideas, recipes i want to try, plans for organizing, ways to go out in the community and volunteer and help others, projects to tackles, subjects to write about. i plan to start where i am at. to take all this creativity that is bottled up inside me and let it out for the benefit of my husband and the community arond me. to try to come up with ways to show love through the art of making a home. the hours outside 9-5 just seem so short, so fleeting, so precious.

june clever had it made.

who am i?

August 5, 2007

i am a 33 year old newlywed wife born in the south but living in a midwest capital city. i want to be a house wife. i dropped out of college to pursue my dreams in the entertainment business and after many years of working with bands and record labels i got pretty burned out on it all. when i was a little girl i used to daydream about recipes and how i would decorate my home someday and be a homemaker. i have had a full life as a career minded girl. i recently got married to my best friend and the love of my life. we have a cute little apartment downtown and everything is pretty amazing..we are blessed. these days i spend my days working as an office temp while trying to find a permanent job. the only trouble is the job i really want isn’t taking applications.

i want to be a home maker full time.

no, we don’t have any children yet. someday we want to have them and when we do i want to be a stay at home mom. financially, i don’t see how that will be possible. you see we aren’t poor but we sure aren’t able to pay rent and a car payment and get by on just one paycheck.

so here i am looking for a corporate sponsor.

yep. that’s right. i said it. i want to sell out to the man so i can stay at home and cook, clean, keep house and write all about it.

what does the sponsor get out of it? that all depends…..what kind of company are you? if you have cleaning products i’ll use and review them. if you make food ….i’ll cook it and write about that. got another idea?….let’s talk.

email me at corporatesponsoredhousewife at gmail dot com

One Question

July 31, 2007

How can a woman have a career as a housewife in today’s society?